How To Appeal Your Financial Award Package (FAFSA)

Appealing your financial aid award does not always result in a change made to your award package, however, you certainly can appeal what you have received for your financial aid award, an option many students and parents may be unaware of. Many times schools and colleges are unable to offer any changes or adjustments to your financial aid award package, but the only way you will know for certain is if you ask. The financial aid award package a school offers, is simply that, an offer. Students are under no obligation to accept the financial aid package as offered, and in addition, they are allowed to submit an appeal for reconsideration.

If you feel that you did not receive enough money from one of your top choice schools, it may be worth appealing. A school or college cannot revoke your acceptance to the school because you appeal the financial aid package they offered, and by appealing you may be placed higher on the list for financial aid reconsideration, if other students decline to attend that school and more aid becomes available. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when appealing your financial aid award package:

1. Follow The Rules
Be certain to follow the school’s rules on appealing financial aid. Most colleges will have a specific process or procedure to follow when appealing a financial aid award package and/or requesting additional funds.

2. Follow up
You may want to follow up on your appeal by contacting the schools financial aid office. Explain your desire to attend the school or college, as well as your concern regarding any unmet need. Be polite and courteous, this may help you out more than you think.

3. Make The Deadline
Make your award package appeal request by the school’s required deadline. The deadline for appeal should be stated on your written award letter. Missing the deadline shows a lack of consideration, and most schools will not make acceptations for appeals that are submitted after the required deadline.

4. Have Realistic Expectations
It is important to understand that while you do have the ability to appeal your financial aid award package, most schools will not be willing to adjust the Expected Family Contribution unless a serious change to income has occurred, such as a loss of employment.

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