Emergency Student Loans And Financial Aid

Q: We have had to use the money my family set aside for my college on an unexpected family situation, because of this I no longer have enough money to continue paying for school. Are there any emergency student loans for college or emergency financial aid programs that could help me pay for college?

A: Many schools have an emergency financial aid program and will offer some form of emergency financial aid to those students who qualify. Each schools emergency financial aid program and/or emergency student loan program is different, however most will provide some type of emergency funds to students who demonstrate a legitimate financial need as a result of an emergency situation. For example, a student losing their housing or having a sudden health emergency in the family (which consumes allocated college funds) could allow that student to qualify for emergency student loans or financial aid from their schools designated program.

Most schools emergency financial aid will come in the form of scholarships or grants, which do not have to be repaid, or emergency student loans, which will have to be repaid. In addition to demonstrating a legitimate emergency financial need, schools may also require students to have a minimum GPA, have filed a FAFSA, be a full time student, and/or provide copies of certain documents, bills, and invoices in order to be eligible for their emergency financial aid program. Start by contacting your schools financial aid office or department to find our what emergency financial aid is available, and if you qualify.

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