I Have A Better Idea Business Scholarship

Name: I Have A Better Idea Business Scholarship

Award Amount: $1000

Information And Eligibility: New Charter University is a unique online, accredited private University that prides itself on being one of the most affordable private universities available to students seeking associates degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees. With a firm belief that a college education should be affordable to anyone who would like to obtain one, New Charter University offers tuition models and payment plans that are flexible and affordable. In an effort to help ease students college costs even further, New Charter University is offering their $1,000 “Better Idea” Scholarship.

The $1,000 “Better Idea” Scholarship is open to all current college students and prospective college students who plan on pursing a college associates, bachelors or masters degree in business. This scholarship opportunity is not restricted to students who plan on attending New Charter University, and scholarship winners may use the scholarship award towards any accredited college or university in the United States. $1,000 “Better Idea” Scholarship applicants must be high school graduates, and may be either international students or US students. Applicants are required to complete the online scholarship application, which includes answering two short essay questions (with 150 words or less) about their life experiences, education related goals, and how earning a business degree will benefit their future.

Apply For This Scholarship: For more information on The I Have a Better Idea Business Scholarship or to apply, please visit new.edu/scholarships. To find more scholarships for college, visit our Easiest Scholarship Search Ever.

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