Student Loans For A Second Bachelors Degree

Q: If someone already has one bachelors degree, but would like to go back to college to get a second bachelors degree in a different major can that person still get student loans?

A: If you are going back to college for a second bachelors degree in a different major, it is possible for you to get student loans. How much you will be able to secure in federal and/or private student loans will differ from person to person depending on a number of factors (such as financial need, eligibility and/or credit). Similar to the process you followed when funding your first bachelors degree, you will want to exhaust all of your “free money” options (such as grants and scholarships), and apply for federal financial aid (at before moving onto private student loans for college.

If you are currently working, you will also want to check with your employer to see if they offer any financial assistance to their employees for continuing education. Some companies will pay for (or help pay for) college credits. To get the best perceptive (and advise) on your individual situation, you will want to meet with a financial aid advisor at the college or university. They will be able to address the specific questions you may have regarding funding a second bachelors degree.

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