Fafsa.gov The Most Important Site For Funding College

Fafsa.gov is perhaps the most important tool you have for financing your college education, and the FAFSA website is your gateway to all federal financial aid for college. FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and is the only application you will need to complete to become eligible for federal student loans, federal grants, and federal work-study. Any student who is in need of money for their college education, should start by visiting www.fafsa.gov. The federal financial aid available through FAFSA, will provide you with some of the least expensive tools for financing your college education.

Fafsa.gov or Fafsa.com
When getting started with completing your FAFSA, make certain you are on the correct website. Fafsa.gov or fafsa.ed.gov will both take you to the official government website, where you can complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA is always 100% free to file, so if you are ever asked to pay a fee or provide credit card information, you are not on the official FAFSA website. Any website (even if it contains the word “fafsa” in it’s domain name) other than fafsa.gov or fafsa.ed.gov, is not the official FAFSA website.

Wait… Isn’t Filing A FAFSA Complicated
You may have heard rumors that the www.fafsa.gov website or filing the FAFSA is complicated and that you may not even qualify for any money, but you should not let such rumors deter you from completing a FAFSA. The truth is, most students will qualify for some form of federal financial aid, and when properly prepared with all of the required information, completing the FAFSA is actually very easy. In addition, there is plenty of help available on fafsa.gov, should you have any questions or run into any problems while filing FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is like the name suggests, free… so there is really nothing to lose by visiting fafsa.gov and completing a FAFSA, besides money for college.

What about Scholarships On Fafsa.gov
Scholarships and grants are always something that should be first on your checklist when it comes to funding your college education, since scholarships and grants provide you with money for college that will not have to be repaid. While completing a FAFSA will make you eligible for federal grant money, it will not make you eligible for any scholarship money. You will have to locate and apply to college scholarships that you may qualify for separately from FAFSA. While applying for college scholarships should never be skipped over, realistically, most students will not be able to pay for college with scholarships alone. After you have found and applied to the scholarships applicable to you, you should visit www.fafsa.gov and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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