Can I Get A Scholarship From My School

Q: I have applied for some scholarships that I have found online, but I have yet to win a single scholarship. I am wondering if I can get a scholarship from my school, and if these are easier to get than the more popular scholarships found online?

A: Depending on which school or college you are attending, they certainly may offer scholarship opportunities to their students. All scholarship opportunities are different, and the eligibility requirements can vary greatly. Many of the scholarships offered by schools are academically based, focusing heavily on an applicants grade point average and academic achievements, however, some scholarships may be based upon a students ethnicity or affiliation to particular organizations, etc… The scholarships offered by your school may certainly be less competitive than a large national scholarship (based on the fact you are only competing with those at your college or university, and not individuals from all accredited schools across the county), however this does not necessarily mean that the scholarships offered by your school are a sure thing for every student.

Since the scholarships offered by each school, and their eligibility requirements can vary, students interested in a scholarship at their school should speak with the financial aid staff or admissions counselor at their particular college or university. This will allow you to become familiar with what scholarships are offered by your school, the eligibility requirements to be considered for the scholarship, and how to apply for the scholarships. Many colleges consider students (who qualify) automatically for scholarships based on their application information, however there may be scholarships that students need to directly apply for.

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