Scholarship Application Requirements

Q: For students getting prepared to apply for college scholarships, what information will we need to fill out a scholarship application?

A: College scholarships are offered by different providers (such as schools, private companies or corporations, organizations, and private foundations or individuals), who may be requesting different criteria for each of their scholarships. Since every college scholarship can be different, every college scholarship application can be a bit different. Mostly every scholarship that students apply for will require them to fill out a “scholarship application” of some type. A basic college scholarship application will require you to provide your name, date of birth, and contact information. Most college scholarship applications will also require you to list your community or volunteer involvement, skill sets, and/or achievements that set you apart from the rest of the scholarship applicants.

In addition to the scholarship application, some scholarships may require the applicant to write a short essay, provide letters of recommendation, and/or submit additional scholarship-related documents. Every scholarship you apply for will have a specific set of requirements needed for application. Students are encouraged to completely fulfill the scholarship application requirements to avoid being disqualified or not considered for the scholarship award. When filling out scholarship applications also beware of the following “red-flags”, which may indicate the particular scholarship is a scam: A scholarship application requiring your credit card information, and/or banking information. A scholarship application that requires a fee, or offers preferential treatment or guarantees the scholarship for a fee.

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