GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

Name: GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

Award Amount: $1000

Information And Eligibility: Any students who are currently participating in a volunteer program, the GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship opportunity could provide you with a $1000 college scholarship. GO! Overseas is an organization dedicated to providing the resources required for meaningful travel abroad, including teaching, studying and volunteering abroad. The organization is now offering a GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship, awarded based on the creativity and analytical thinking displayed through writing samples and/or video submissions. GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship are awarded each academic year, and each scholarship is for $1,000. Scholarship entries are judged based on the following criteria: Creativity of writing sample, displayed analytical thinking, and passion for volunteering. The GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship is open to participants in volunteer programs in the upcoming year. Scholarships recipients must be successfully accepted into a volunteer abroad program.

Apply For This Scholarship: For more information on The GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Program or to apply, please visit go-volunteerabroad.com. To find more scholarships for college, visit our Easiest Scholarship Search Ever.

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