Easy Scholarships With No Essay

Q: Is there any easy scholarships with no essay required that students can apply for? It’s very time consuming to write an essay for every scholarship, and students could apply for many more scholarships if there were scholarships with no essay required.

A: Students can certainly find some easy scholarships with no essay requirement to apply for, such as the “$2000 No Essay College Scholarship” by College Prowler, however these types of college scholarships are fairly limited. Most college scholarship opportunities will require some type of essay, or written explain of why an applicant deserves the scholarship money. Though it would be much easier to apply for scholarships if they did not require an essay, the scholarship foundations that are giving away free money for college need to make certain that their funds are being distributed to the most deserving applicants, and an essay is one way for applicants to display their skills and/or demonstrate the reason why they are deserving of the award.

Searching for, and applying for college scholarships can be hard work, however, it can really pay off when a student simply receives even one scholarship award for college. Any money a student receives in the form of a scholarship is money that will never have to be repaid (unlike student loans). Students can use the collegewhale.com Free Scholarship Search to search our entire database of college scholarships for free and without having to register. Students can start by searching for something such as “easy scholarships no essay”, however students serious about applying for and winning scholarships for college should be prepared to do some writing for most scholarship opportunities. Since applying for college scholarships can be a timely process, students are encouraged to begin their scholarship search and application process as soon as possible.

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