Non-Degree Seeking Students And Financial Aid

Q: I was waiting for my financial aid money to be approved, and I received the following message when I logged into my colleges online profile system: “Program is not eligible for Financial Aid”. I am taking some courses at a community college, but plan on transferring to the state university when my GPA improves. It says I am currently enrolled as a “non-degree seeking student”, are non-degree seeking student not eligible for financial aid?

A: Yes, you must be a degree-seeking student enrolled in an eligible program to be considered for federal financial aid for college. Students in need of federal financial aid for college should speak with the financial aid office at their school, to make certain they are of eligible status to receive federal financial aid.

For students that are not currently admitted to a degree or eligible certificate program, the following options may be available: scholarships, grants, private student loans, employer tuition benefits, funding from government agencies, and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. Some non-degree seeking students, who are taking courses that are prerequisites for admission into a degree program, may be eligible for some federal student loans.

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