College Scholarship Myths Debunked

Applying for college scholarships should be one of the first steps in financing your college education. Unlike student loans for college, college scholarships provide college students with money for school that will never need to be repaid. Though college scholarships are a great resource for funding college, many college scholarship myths continue to exist, good thing we’re here to debunk them!

Myth #1 – Scholarships go only to the best students. There are many college scholarships that are awarded based on elements other than academic achievement. Some scholarships are based on the student’s major/field of study, involvement in extracurricular and community activities, ethnicity and geographic origin, or other factors.

Myth #2 – Scholarship searches are worth paying for. Students should never pay any money to apply for or find college scholarships. All of the resources need for finding and applying to scholarships are completely free.

Myth #3 – Scholarships are only for first year students or high school students. There are plenty of scholarships out there for current college students and graduate students.

Myth #4 – Small scholarships are not worth applying for. Every amount of money a student receives in scholarship awards, is money they will not have to take out in student loans. Not only are small scholarships worth applying for, but often times they are much less competitive than large or full-ride scholarships.

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