CrossLites Scholarship Contest

Name: The CrossLites Scholarship Contest

Award Amount: $2000

Information And Eligibility: The CrossLites Scholarship Contest is open to all high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, including international students attending international Universities. This is an essay based scholarship opportunity, there are no minimum grade point average requirements, and there is no financial need requirement. All applicants must complete the online scholarship application, including an original 400-600 word essay based on one of Dr. Parker’s quotes or messages. Applicants will compete against students of their level for a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards, and applicants may submit up to two essays in the contest. All essays will be judged and awarded a score based on several factors. The essay score will count for 10% of the applicant’s final total, and the number of votes the applicants essay receives from peers will make up the other 90% of the applicant’s total score. When the voting period has ended, those with the highest scores will win the scholarship for their grade-level. There are 3 grade-level categories (High School, Undergraduate, Graduate Students) with the following scholarship prize amounts: 1st Place: $2,000.00, 2nd Place: $1,500.00, 3rd Place: $1,000.00, 4th Place: $750.00, 5th Place: $500.00, 6th Place: $250.00, and 5 Lottery Winners: $100 each.

Deadline: December

Apply For This Scholarship: For more information on The CrossLites Scholarship Contest or to apply, please visit To find more scholarships for college, visit our Easiest Scholarship Search Ever.

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