Do Online College Credits Transfer?

Q: I am considering taking some college course at an online school. Eventually, I would like to transfer to a state university or college, so I would like to only take college courses that would transfer and count towards a degree. Do online college credits transfer to a state university or college?

A: The policy on transferring college credits can be different from one school to the next, so if you know the college or university you plan on transferring to, contact the school directly to be advised on their specific credit transfer policies and requirements. For those uncertain as to what school they will be transferring, here are some general guidelines for college credit transfer:

Make certain you are taking the online college credits from an accredited university or school only. Accreditation is essential for the online school you are attending, because it means an acceptable accreditation agency has verified the quality of education provided by that school. Accreditation is typically what makes inter-college credit transfer a possibility. If the online school does not have the proper accreditation, college credit transferring will likely be difficult.

Be aware of credit transferring limits and time limitations. It is a good idea for students to have in mind at least a few colleges or universities they may wish to transfer to, since many schools have some kind of credit transfer limit or related rules. Some schools have a credit transfer policy that will only allow a student to transfer credits up to a certain limit, and some schools may place a statute of limitation on the time a student has to transfer credits. Students are advised to learn the credit transfer policies of all the schools they are considering transferring to, to maximize the credit they receive from their online college courses.

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