Tips On Finding And Applying For A Bad Credit Student Loan

If you suffer from bad credit and are struggling to find student loans, the process can be frustrating. Many college students are in need of money for school and wonder how to find and apply for bad credit student loans because of poor credit history or little to no credit history at all. Here is a realistic look at a borrower’s options for student loans when they suffer from bad credit:

1. Students Should File A FAFSA.
FAFSA is the only way to apply for federal student loans and grants that are not based on credit. You should ALWAYS file a FAFSA before searching the web for bad credit student loan, or before considering any private student loans. Once you have received your SAR back from FAFSA, and determine your college costs are still not fully covered, then you can move on to the next step: securing a creditworthy cosigner.

2. Find A Creditworthy Cosigner.
Depending on how bad your credit is you may never have the ability to secure a private student loan without the help of a cosigner. However, even if you are able to secure a bad credit student loan without the help of a cosigner, chances are your interest rates will be extremely high. It is very important for borrowers to review the rates and terms of any student loan before signing the promissory note. Obligating to a student loan that you will not be able to realistically afford could create additional negative results to an already bad credit profile for years into the future. To secure a private student loan at a fair rate (or to secure a private student loan at all), it is likely that an individual with bad credit will need to obtain a creditworthy cosigner.

3. Scholarships, Grants, Work-study, And Other Loan Alternatives.
Scholarships, grants, work-study, and other loan alternatives for paying for college are the best, and most important funding resources for education. Most scholarship and loan alternative funding sources are not based upon a students credit profile. These resources should always be considered before any type of student loans, but for those who have failed to look into these options, take a look at our 89 College Financial Aid Tips under the Getting Started section. Tips 1 through 45 are all related to Saving and Reducing College Costs and Free Money for College.

4. Work With Your Schools Financial Aid Office.
For students suffering from bad credit, who have tried utilizing the resources above with no luck, you need to contact your schools financial aid office for more information on applying for a student loan with bad credit. Your school may have alternative payment plan options or funding methods that you may qualify for, that are specific to your college or university.

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