Scholarships For High School Sophomores

Q: For high school sophomores, starting to think about college, are there any college scholarships for high school sophomores that I can apply for?

A: There are many college scholarships available for high school students (including scholarships for high school sophomores). High school is a great time to begin thinking about college scholarships, since many college scholarships are specifically available to currently enrolled high school students. Each college scholarship has its own eligibility requirements and application rules, so make certain you qualify before applying to any scholarships for high school sophomores.

You will find national scholarships for high school sophomores, which will typically offer more money and be more competitive, and you will find local or more niche scholarships for high school sophomores, which may offer less money but also be less competitive. When applying for college scholarships it’s important to never rule out a scholarship that you qualify for, simply because the award amount is not large, every little bit adds up, and any scholarship money received (unlike student loans) will not have to be repaid. In addition to scholarships for high school sophomores, look for scholarships based on academic performance, gender, race, field of study, hobbies, etc… The broader you make your scholarship “search criteria”, the more scholarships you will find, and the better your chances get at securing some scholarship money for college. Here are 10 Scholarships For High School Students to get you started:

Coca-Cola Scholarship For College
The Lowe’s Scholarship
The Zinch $20,000 Scholarship
State Farm National Merit Scholarship
Healthy Respect Win Win Scholarships
Super Future $5000 Scholarships
Easy Scholarships: The Flashcard Scholarship
Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest
Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program
The Big Dig Scholarship

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