5 Easy Scholarships To Apply For Fast

Every college student should be applying for at least a few college scholarships. Scholarships are the best way to get money for college, because it is money that does not have to be repaid! However, each year many students do not apply for any scholarships because they do not think they will qualify and/or they do not think they have the time to complete lengthy essays or scholarship applications. Not all college scholarships are based on academic achievements, nor do they take hours to apply for. There are college scholarships you can apply for in less than five minutes, as well as college scholarships that are not based on Grade Point Average. Below are “5 Easy Scholarships To Apply For Fast” that every college student should take advantage of:

The Top Ten List Scholarship
The Levi’s $50,000 Tuition Scholarship
Super Future $5000 Scholarships
Healthy Respect Win Win Scholarships
Ryan & Jamie Smith Essay Scholarship Contest

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