Can An Accelerated Degree Cut Student Loan Costs

Q: I am looking to avoid taking out student loans for college, and was wondering if an accelerated degree program would be worth looking into to help drive down the price of college?

A: Yes, accelerated courses and degree programs are becoming increasingly popular at colleges and universities across America, and they are indeed a great option for helping to cut student loan costs. Accelerated degree programs can be more intense than conventional degree programs since they fit the same amount of learning into a much shorter period of time, but they can certainly help reduce the costs of college by shaving a years worth of tuition (or even more) off what the standard degree program costs. Keep in mind that accelerated degree programs and courses do move at a faster pace than standard degree programs and courses, so make sure you can handle that before getting into it… because dropping out of college courses is a horrible way to waste student loan funds.

Also be aware that accelerated degree programs and college courses are not offered for every major. Do your research, and speak with the appropriate staff at your college or university before making hasty decisions. There are many ways to cut the costs of college and reduce the amount of student loans you must borrow, you just simply have to be willing to put the work in to find these opportunities and obtain them. For more student loan alternatives, please visit our Student Loan Alternatives section.

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