How To Find Easy Student Loans

A: I was wondering, as a first time college student, how do I find the easiest loans to apply for?

Q: We often receive emails inquiring “what are the easiest student loans to get” and in actuality, applying for both federal and private student loans is fairly easy. The real question college students should be concerned with is “what are the best student loans for me to get?” In terms of “easy”, many students are lured into applying for private student loans, since they are easily found with a few clicks of the mouse, and have virtually no application deadlines. While private student loans can play a part in funding your college education, they should be the last type of student loan you apply for.

The first type of student loans you should be applying for are federal student loan. Federal student loans are regulated by the federal government and will offer the student the best possible loan terms, rates, and repayment options. In order to apply for federal student loans you will need to complete a FAFSA, The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can file a FAFSA online, free at

The important thing to remember about federal student loan programs is that they are deadline sensitive. To ensure that you get the most money possible from federal financial aid programs, you are going to want to file your FAFSA as early as you can, and certainly well before the deadline for the academic year for which you are applying. To view FAFSA deadlines visit their website at Remember, though an easy student loan application process is nice, when it comes to borrowing money (via student loans) you need to make your decision based on what is the best for you financially. Federal student loans for college should always be the first type of student loans you apply for, followed only by private student loans if you need more funds.

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