Study Abroad Scholarships

Every year thousands of college students have hopes of studying abroad. Studying abroad can be a great opportunity and learning experience for college students, however funding studies abroad can come with a hefty price tag. Study abroad scholarships can play an important role in easing the financial burden of studying abroad, and fortunately there are many study abroad scholarships available.

Study abroad scholarships can range from “general” study abroad scholarships (scholarships which encompass any country of study) to more specific study abroad scholarships (which focus on a particular country or group of counties).

Study abroad scholarships can be found via the same methods as most other scholarships. Resources such as the Internet, local libraries and local organizations can be great places to start your search for study abroad scholarships. To get you started on your student abroad scholarship search, here are “5 Study Abroad Scholarships” below:

1. CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships
Each year CIEE awards scholarships and grants to students who plan to study overseas.
Scholarship Information:

2. IIE Study Abroad Scholarships
IIE implements many of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs and manages global scholarships through their network of domestic and international offices.
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3. GSF Student Grant
Designed to support foreign language training and other academic studies abroad.
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4. AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships
Each year, more than $600,000 in scholarships will be given to summer and semester students who submit application materials demonstrating high academic achievement.
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5. Fulbright Study Abroad Scholarships
The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government.
Scholarship Information:

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

Name: The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program Award Amount: $20000 Information And…

The Healthy Lifestyle Scholarship

Name: The Healthy Lifestyle Scholarship Award Amount: $5000 Information And Eligibility: The…

GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

Name: GO! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Award Amount: $1000 Information And Eligibility: Any…

GotChosen Scholarship

Name: The GotChosen $40K Scholarship Contest Award Amount: $40000 Information And Eligibility:…

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